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You may have noticed that we have done two blog posts about Jade Simmons’ coming Emerge Already! Livestream broadcast. Well, not only is it because we think you will get a lot out of tuning in, especially with these great guests, it’s because live streaming video is something that we think really adds to an online portfolio.

Whether you use Livestream, like Jade Simmons, or you’re a fan of UStream, as artists it is time to start investigating. Nothing can get someone’s name out there like television, but, not all artists or arts organizations have an “in” to land that TV interview. But with these new streaming technologies, it is allowing everyone to sort of create their own television program. With easy video archives, artists and artist organizations can not only create their own TV show, they can practically create their own television channel.

To us, we feel like these sorts of streaming programs were made for the Arts. If you go to the most popular service,, musicians are the most popular “channels”. There are even some pretty great success stories for the arts. Pianist Valentina Lisitsa pushed her career to a whole new level just by setting up a camera and broadcasting her practice sessions on UStream, and we’ve heard of a painter (can’t recall the name) that started streaming all of her painting sessions and then sold the paintings to the people watching her do it.

But this sort of technology doesn’t have to be limited to individual artists’ practice rooms. Imagine if an orchestra did a live stream of a rehearsal of the upcoming weekend repertoire. That’s the kind of thing that would not only get people interested in the orchestra and performance, but would also get them interested in the program.

One of our clients, Reference Recordings, posted short, unedited, segments of the recording session from the Dallas Wind Symphony on YouTube. The Five videos combined for just over five minutes and together had a total number of almost 18,000 views. People like the “behind the curtain” feel of things, and streaming is the kind of tool that is perfectly suited to that.

Now, we went with Livestream for the Emerge Already! broadcast mainly because of the great production team features it offers, as well as the ability to easily embed the player, and a great application for Jade’s Facebook Page.

So check out and, and let us know of any ideas you have about how to use these new platforms to further enhance your art!

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  • Emerge Already!

    You've got me even more excited about the possibilities than I already was! Live streaming is one of the reasons we artists have no more excuses when it comes to EMERGING! Hope to see you all tomorrow night! Thanks for this info Rosebrook Classical!