The Social Media Minute – QR Codes

This week on the Social Media Minute, David Weuste and Jade Simmons are talking about using QR Codes as artists and arts organizations. If you’ve never used a QR code before, feel free to try the one in this blog! One of the best things about QR Codes, is that there are all types of things they can do (which we discuss in the video), so as creative folks, they can allow you to, well, be creative! They also give a unique new ability to connect your physical marketing efforts with the digital world. So take a look and listen to this week’s Social Media Minute, try out the QR Code right here, and let us know of ways you might use them (or if you’ve tried some already)!

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  • Andrea

    Our idea was to put them on Cookies. It surely is the yummiest use of a QR Code you can think of :-)