Spotify Play Button brings legal streaming to the web at large!

New Classical Order Spotify Playlist

Screenshot of the Play Button for the New Classical Order Spotify Playlist

When Spotify launched in the U.S., and especially when it launched in Facebook, we talked about how big it could be for artists, arts organizations, and more. Now you could give your audience a taste of what your program would be bringing via your Facebook Page and Twitter feeds — social audience development at its finest! But what about your website?

There aren’t too many orchestras out their with their own YouTube previews of each concert, or even their own recordings of every program they will be performing within a season. Many are beginning to link off of their site to YouTube performances, or have embedded different files for download, but what has been truly lacking has been the ability to seamlessly embed full LEGAL streaming tracks into any page on a site. Well not anymore! With Spotify’s unveiling of the Spotify Play Button this week, now you can bring that Facebook integration experience with Spotify to your website! This opens up all kinds of audience development doors for arts organizations, and it opens up a HUGE new marketing avenue for artists and record labels!

As an example, tonight Rosebrook Classical founder David Weuste will be attending La Traviata at the Dallas Opera (look for the review on, and if we were the Dallas Opera’s web-masters, we might look into embedding some of the more famous arias from the opera directly into the landing page of the production on their website like so:

Got an idea of how you’ll use the new Spotify Play Button? Let us know in the comments!