Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report

Nielsen has recently published their 2012 year-end reports, so we’re taking a look through their Social Media Report. It’s packed with all sorts of stats across just about every social platform. The major trends are that time spent online and on social sites continues to grow, people expect social customer service, and people are engaging with social sites via mobile devices at an ever-increasing rate.

A few things that jumped out to us beyond the above-mentioned overall trends:

  • While Facebook’s overall audience didn’t grow at a major rate in the last year, it is still the overwhelmingly dominant social site. There really isn’t another social site in the same ballpark.
  • The time spent on mobile social apps increased incredibly in 2012
  • While Pinterest took off and had the largest growth, it mainly did so within a single demographic.
  • 33% of people say social ads are the most annoying ads on the web while 14% of people say they have purchased a product through a social ad…