News for the Week

Between Playing With Fire, Christmas Music, CDs hitting the Charts, tools for Music Educators, and more, our clients are keeping us both busy, and highly entertained. Here’s a look at what’s happening in the Rosebrook Classical Family:

Three New Client Releases - Alexander String Quartet, Cappella Romana, Reference Recordings

Three New Rosebrook Classical Client Releases

Three New Rosebrook Classical Client Releases from Alexander String Quartet, Cappella Romana, and Reference Recordings! Keep Reading…


Concert Warehouse Phase 1 is Live

Recently we were hired to do some website work for, and it has been quite the fun and exciting…

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Introducing Cappella Romana!

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of the incredible vocal ensemble Cappella Romana into the Rosebrook Classical family! Cappella Romana will be coming onboard in one of our Advisory Packages tailored to help guide their social media presence and strategy…

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Spotify Play Button brings legal streaming to the web at large!

When Spotify launched in the U.S., and especially when it launched in Facebook, we talked about how big it could be for artists, arts organizations, and more. Now you could give your audience a taste of what your program would be bringing via social media, But what about your website?

Mark Abel Facebook Page

Composer Mark Abel Now on Facebook!

Southern California Mark Abel recently released his song-cycle “The Dream Gallery” on the Delos label, and it’s starting to catch fire! But the best news is that now he has a Facebook Page! Head on over to, give him a “Like,” and start exploring!


DuoDrama Gets a new site!

Not too long ago, Lucy Mauro and Donald George joined the New Classical Order Podcast to talk about Margaret Ruthven Lang. Well today, we’re talking about their collaboration they call DuoDrama, and specifically, the new website we just built them!


RR is at it again, great new releases, leaks, and performances with robots!

Reference Recordings with a behind-the-scenes recording session, new releases from Delos, Dulcie Taylor leaks album samples, and Jade Simmons performs with a robot!


Introducing the Alexander String Quartet!

We are excited to announce that the Alexander String Quartet is now a part of the Rosebrook Classical Family! We’re excited to introduce you to this great ensemble!


New Releases and News

New Releases from Delos and Reference Recordings, and Reference Recordings launches a new SoundCloud Station – “RR Radio”!