Consulting and Training Packages

Whether you feel like all you need is someone to show you or your staff the ropes, or you just need someone to bounce your ideas off of, Rosebrook Classical has a Consulting or Training Package for you!

Consulting Packages

Bronze Consulting Tier

Hourly Phone Consultations sessions

Retainer Packages also available

Calls at $50/hour

Silver Consulting Tier

Three months of consulting services

Weekly web-meetings with you and/your staff

Retainer Packages also available for limited platforms

$200/month for three months

Gold Consulting Tier

In Person Consulting

Full Week of Face-to-Face Consulting

Three Months of Web-Meeting Consulting after initial session

$1,000 plus Travel Expenses


Training Packages

Bronze Training Tier

Hourly Phone Training sessions

Available for Social and Digital Media, Web Development, and More!

Calls at $50/hour

Silver Consulting Tier

Online Web Training Sessions with you and your staff

Sessions fr multiple members up to a week long (can be broken up)

Training Prices per-person with a $1,000 Cap

$200/person up to $1,000

Gold Training Package

In Person Training

No limit on the number of people in each session

Training Prices per-person with a $1,000 Cap

$500/day (max $2,000) + Travel Expenses