Big-Time Weekend Newsreel

One of the best parts about our job is working with incredible people and companies doing incredible things. So for your weekend, we have some, well, incredible things to share with you!

You know we’re big-time fans of new music, and major supporters of American Composers, so we are extremely excited about Delos‘ new release celebrating the life, career, and music of a great American composer – Alan Hovhaness. The album was released digitally this week and is a Centennial Celebration of a composer that is extremely near and dear to the Delos label. If you’re a downloader, make sure to get American Mystic – A Centennial Collection of The Music of Alan Hovhaness as soon as possible. If you’re a CD person still (don’t worry, we are too at times), you’ll have to wait for the CD to be released in October. Hovhaness and Delos had a great relationship, and worked together to release six albums of his music. The Centennial Collection will be the seventh Hovhaness album from the label. Click here for more information and for purchasing links.


At the end of last month, our partners at Audience Development Specialists hosted one of their famous Audience Development (#auddev) chats on Twitter that needs to be shared as much as possible. The chat centered around what is an extremely popular new medium – Daily Deals promotions, specifically Groupons and the like.The chat was co-hosted by Audience Development Specialists and Kara Whittington, a member of the San Francisco Symphony marketing team. We’ve talked loads about the importance of these new promotions outlets, so it’s a great blog/twitter feed to read through for all kinds of information and ideas! Click here to read “Audience Development, Groupons and other promo platforms.”

Reference Recordings is making loads of news this week as they launched their now famous annual “End of Summer Sale.” But they didn’t just do a sale, they accompanied with the release of two highly anticipated new HRx releases. For those that don’t know, HRx titles are 176.4 kHz /24 bit DVD-R Data Discs containing WAV audio files. They have amazing sound, identical to their master recordings when played back properly! The audiophiles world (of which there are still many) will be going nuts for the two new HRx discs. The first is their new release featuring the Concord Chamber Music Society’s new album featuring three new works from American composers, two of which are world premiere recordings by Chris Brubeck, Michael Gandolfi, and Lukas Foss. The other is one of their most in-demand recordings featuring top international pianist Minor Nojima. In fact, though we’re major new-music nuts, “Nojima Plays Liszt” is one of of our favorite albums of all time. So if you’re an audiophile, this is a MUST-HAVE. Not to mention that you can get each at 20% off during the sale. For more information visit!